Symposium: Keynote

“This conversation is an offering of words for water and weavers”

Crystal (Mikinaak) Migwans

Weaving by Renee Wasson Dillard, photo Crystal (Mikinaak) Migwans

Anishinaabe mat-weaving is a practice of responsible, reciprocal connection with place. Looking to historical examples while responding to current movements in Indigenous activism, this talk considers the role of weavers in the gendered labours of governance and treaty-making, the significance of bulrushes as the first water protectors, and the terms of our relations with the non-human in the face of ongoing ecological devastation.

Photo: James Migwans

Crystal (Mikinaak) Migwans is an Anishinaabe of Wiikwemikoong Unceded Territory and a doctoral candidate in Art History at Columbia University, currently undertaking dissertation research on natural fiber weaving traditions in the Great Lakes. Migwans’ work focuses on museum objects as relatives, and the place-making labor of customary artforms. 

Crystal (Mikinaak) Migwans, Friday October 18 2019, Concordia University, TextileTradeTime Symposium

Presented in association with CICA-Conversations in Contemporary Art.